Saturday, August 29, 2009


Good riddance to Big 'Bore'ther..

Channel 4 is finally drawing the curtains on the reality show Big Brother. Thank God for that!

I have never really been a fan of reality shows and I guess Big Brother would top my 'Never watch TV shows' recommendation list. What perplexes me is how on earth Big Brother got the reality show tag - it is far removed from reality as reality can be. Think about it, is being cut off from rest of the world and doing some mad and moronic tasks for weeks together in a confined space the definition of reality?? I personally think that a series about the Loch Ness monster or UFO sightings and alien invasions would be much more closer to reality than Big Brother.

Channel 4 claims that the show still has an audience base of 2 million in the U.K! Why would someone want to watch this show day in and day out is something that I can never get my head around. Thankfully, axing this show would free up as much as 200 hours of TV time for Channel 4! I really really hope they don't find another 'supposed-to-be' reality show to fill up these reclaimed slots.

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