Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sex and Sleaze...

Now that I have managed to attract your attention with a title like that , I can quite frankly tell you that the content that follows has absolutely no connection with the title. If movie makers and novelists can get away with irrelevant titles, so can I. Anyway, since you have invested some time in reading upto this point you can jolly well read the whole damn thing. Infact you'd better the whole damn thing 'cause I'm in a very bad mood today, I can't tolerate such rudeness.

I had lined up a whole lot of personal action items to finish up in the last couple of days and sadly I am nowhere near completing them. The recent flow of events seems to resemble the IBM 'on-demand business' advertisement - forced to operate on 'change of plans'. So what is the backup/change plan? Its one big prhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffff (as my 'kollegen' would describe it) . No idea. Ja can be quite frustrating.

Ok I had enough of it, let me talk about something else.

Was listening to Sean Paul's 'We be burning', rather I keep listening to that damn song these days - "Everyday we be burnin not concernin what nobody wanna say". Brilliant !! Yup at one point in my life I used to appreciate Lennon for his lyrics. No clue how I started liking this kind of stuff (more of my recent favorites would shock a music loving reader, hence am not disclosing them). Used to be a time (mid way through my college years) when I used to be very select about the stuff I listened to. Uhmmm...gone are those days. I console myself saying that I have become 'broad minded' (auto suggestion always makes one feel better..;-)).

On the reading front, ya the picture is much better. Currently reading Salman Rushdie's - Shalimar the Clown. I am a slow reader (painfully slow infact), reached the half way mark in the book now, quite clearly like what I have read up to now. A fictional tale woven around real events and places. Its got my favorite combination - politics + history in it. Yup, I like this stuff.

The sensex has been been raising and raising, reaching levels that were supposed be reached only a few years down the line. Wondering if the next big crash is just around the corner.

Incidentally, our close pal Mr. SooperKop might be heading to the cold lands(at the coldest possible time..;-)). Had a big long discussion, starting with a walk yesterday night (or rounds as he calls it) and finally concluding in the shuttle today - convinced him that Paris is place to go over in free weekend that he has. Personally, SooperKop is hurt, yet to recover from the fact that his football team was re-christened as SooperCops (by blasphemous Jalwa fans) in a recent football tournament. SooperCops, Sanghliana's very own team eh ?? hehe

Thats enough for the day. Nothing more to write about, the foul mood has vanished. The world has been saved from the wrath of Akilles...:-)

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