Thursday, May 24, 2007


The Big Game.....

....turned out to be quite a big disappointment in the end. Last nights UEFA Champions league finals clash between AC Milan and Liverpool was probably one of the most boring Champions league finals I have ever seen.

I am not sure if "boring" is the right word to describe the insipid stuff thrashed out yesterday. "Boring" could probably be used to describe the Juventus Vs AC Milan final or the Bayern Munich Vs Valencia final, both of which went all the way to penalties, simply because no one was interested in risking an all out attack. But yesterdays stuff was something else, it was totally lifeless. Even if there are no goals in a match there is some event that stays in your mind, for instance a controversial offside decision, or a red card or a stunning save or a brilliant attempt on goal. But this match was as eventless as eventless can be. Heck, even a yellow card took a long time coming.

Among the two teams, Liverpool did appear a shade better. But yet again please take this statement with a pinch of salt. What I am trying to get at is that among the two teams, Liverpool atleast realized that they were playing a professional match at European level and not a warm up game with a second division team . Lousy crosses from Zenden, fancy passes by Pennant, misguided rockets from Riise, and the all too familiar diving theatrics of Ingazhi, simply culminated in making it a thoroughly forgettable final.

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