Sunday, March 20, 2005


Singularism – The way of the future

Date, love, marriage(s), procreation – to name a few; characterize the most routine activities that a majority of the mortals indulge in during their lifetime. Those who abstain from these activities are labeled as ‘losers’. One cannot help but laugh at the ignorant mortals who go around branding the enlightened few as ‘losers’ when they themselves are really the ones living in a false world, a world of complete illusion. The mortals are blissfully unaware of this ‘divine’ truth. The religion of ‘Singularism’ acknowledges this very fact and is zealously committed to the cause of enlightening the ignorant masses and helping them to break free from the low, mean, small world of illusion they exist in.

The founding principle of the religion of ‘Singularism’ is brought out best in the lines - ‘Be single and never ready to mingle’, contained in the opening chapter of the ‘Bold Testament’, the holiest book of the religion. The ‘chosen ones’ do not have any problem adhering to this principle; they were born with this divine nature in them. However, this simple to understand principle is the stumbling block for most mortals. The saddest part is that most mortals do not even understand the importance or the need to embark on the quest to realize the ‘divine’ truth. The few, who do, indulge in ‘bad karma’ and sooner or later flounder and lose their direction on the road to the ‘divine’ truth. The mortals do not realize that the ‘chosen ones’ are infact a ‘superior prototype’ who would soon replace them on the earth. The only hope for the mortals to pre-empt their inventible extermination is to upgrade their lowly self and attain a state that is atleast remotely close to the exalted state of the ‘chosen ones’ who represent the future face of the planet.

The transition from the state of mortal existence to a being, brimming with ‘inner’ peace cannot be achieved without appropriate guidance. Embracing ‘Singularism’ wholeheartedly and heeding to the wise words of the ‘chosen ones’ is the only hope for a mortal seeking to break free from the world of illusion. ‘Violence is the last resort, when all else fails ‘ - the holy book prescribes that every mortal should be given a fair chance to understand the holy tenets of ‘Singularism’ under the guidance of the ‘chosen ones’. The ‘chosen ones’ strictly adhere to this code of conduct and the unspoken truth is that the ‘jihad’ would only be launched when the mortals denounce ‘Singularism’ and continue to march on towards decadence. Though the minor details pertaining to the ‘final solution’ for mortals are yet to be worked out, the future for the mortal who chooses to remain in a state of ignorance is certainly bleak.

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