Tuesday, January 01, 2013


The delusion of Change and Revolution through Likes and Retweets

Hit Like on this status message if you think there should be stricter gun controls. Yes, I agree. That's a Like from me. I will share the status with my friends (laymen slobs, need to be pushed to get involved) to solicit more Likes

Citizens against corruption. Hit Like to sign this online petition against corruption. This one is as old as time itself. But it's never too late to make a noise. That's a Like from me for  a graft free society. 

Cancer is a killer. Retweet and spread the message. Yes of course, my friends might not have the IQ to figure this out. Need to retweet. 

The list of movements that an online armchair revolutionary can join is potentially endless, and what I can't quite get my head around is the motive of all this. An outrageous event occurs, it is followed by a flurry of tweets and likes, the word spreads around and then....and then nothing. That's because the revolutionaries have moved on to the next event as they think they have played a rather important  part by expressing their views 'online'; mind you - in the strongest possible terms. Governments must tremble and corporations quake at this, surely.  

These e-guardians of righteousness can only hope that all this online noise will magically transform itself into something in the real world, like Neo from The Matrix leaping  out of cyber space to lead the way and sort things out. Of course only The Chosen One is expected to digest the red pill of reality, anything else would be too much to ask of the online instigators. 

Why bother fighting for a cause from the shores of Cuba to the jungles of Congo when getting #ReadMyMotorCycleDiaries to trend on twitter and signing a few hundred online petitions from the comfort of his office would have been an easy way out for Che, surely? #delusion might be a good way to sum it up!

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