Saturday, May 21, 2005


F.A Cup final ...Victory at last!!

The Gunners finally managed to get their hands on some silverware atleast this season by winning the F.A cup. Offcourse, it is nowhere near the glory and glamour of lifting the EPL crown or bagging any of the big European titles, but a trophy nonetheless. As a die hard Arsenal supporter I would always be happy about anything that the Gunners win but did they really deserve to win this one? Frankly they didn't. Well it was a lousy match to start of with, turning out to be more of a WWF encounter towards the final stages and for most part of this lousy match they were totally outplayed by Manchester United. Man Utd. squandered innumerable number of chances during normal time and subsequently continued this form into extra time too. Well the inevitable followed, the match went into a penalty shoot out , the first time ever in the history of this more than a century old cup competition.

Any shoot out has its share of heroes and villains, the villain this time around was Scholes with Lehmann emerging as the hero for the Gunners. Scholes of all the people, really unfortunate indeed. I might have atleast got some sadistic pleasure had I seen Ruud Van or 'WWF Champ' Rooney miss the penalty. But then again if the great Roberto Baggio , 'The Divine Ponytail' could miss a penalty anybody can or will. If there is one aspect that I hate about soccer it has to be the concept of penalty shoot out to decide the result of the game. The sad part is that the hero is glorified but eventually the tales about his heroics fade away, but the fate of the Villain is really painful, no one ever forgets him during their lifetime.

Looking at the way Arsenal and Man Utd. were playing today one can confidently state that one manager in downtown London would be at ease, feeling more supremely confident than ever about his team's chances of retaining the EPL crown next season.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



Its been week since my parents got back from their vacation. It was a much needed break for them and looks like they really enjoyed the trip. When they got back, they wanted to tell me every worthwhile aspect of their vacation, the brilliant himalayan scenery, the trip to the national park, everyday treks in the hills and much more. They wanted me to load up the snaps so that I could appreciate what they were describing. Well, but I was busy in my own world, busy doing my own stuff, promised to load the snaps soon enough. Next day came, next day went and so did the day after that. I was still 'very busy', finding no time for this between phone calls, TV, surfing and a hundred other worthless activities that I do everyday. Well at some point they finally gave up I guess, loaded the snaps themselves. A week has flow by and now finally I am searching for the snaps on the comp, I am still searching..............

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Life is not so beautiful

Had been to the hospital to see a relative of mine who had been admitted there only a few days ago. She is suspected of having cancer. One can only optimistically hope that her condition remains in 'suspected cancer' state and is not eventually confirmed as cancer in the further tests, however the possibility of something like that happening seems to be remote.

When you visit someone who is in a state such as this, the big question is what do you say when you meet them? What do you talk about? To begin the conversation with a typical 'How are you?' would make no sense. Obviously, all is not well, that's why the person has been admitted to the hospital in the first place. Divert attention by talking about something general? That would seem phony and farce, don't know why but I get a feeling that you trying to cheat the person by talking about something inconsequential when there is a more, much more serious situation at hand. Anyways, the problem of how to initiate the conversation was solved, she greeted me and enquired about my work, How I was finding my workplace, How my sister was doing and the usual stuff. In normal circumstances such a conversation would have hogged up sometime, complete with some useless PJ's and stories from my side. But no this conversation was over in less than 5 mins, I seemed to be suffering from a mental block, I really didn't speak much because I felt that such conversation was meaningless in this situation. Thankfully, my dad was there, he did most of the talking while I just sat around in the corner watching TV. To be frank the TV was on and I was just sitting there in front of it, but my mind was elsewhere, lost to be precise.

Females handle these situations better, they really do, I am sure my sis would have know what to say and how to say it, but me, I just sat quietly in the corner. Its not that I am emotionally cold or indifferent but in situations such as these I just don't know how to articulate my thoughts and put it across in an appropriate way. My behavior seems to default to the rule 'I say best, when I say nothing at all' in these situations. Its so much easier when you have to make conversation on an happy occasion, even with an unknown person, but on sad moments such as this, I am tongue tied, trying to maintain a dignified silence, at best. It really does feel miserable.

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