Saturday, June 18, 2005


The Modest God....

1997, NPS Auditorium:
"The school topper in physics is Sridhar Raman"...Applause !! A few minutes later...
"And the school topper in Maths is Sridhar Raman"....Thunderous Applause !!!
Toooo much !! Sounds awesome eh? Well our hero didn't stop there, over the years he brutally murdered every single competitive exam that came his way. CAT, in particular was thrashed twice by this very person.

Well fits the image of a typical nerdy first bencher right? Nope, the last thing this dude would do is sit in the first bench or hang out with any of those jerks in the first bench (sorry, I have no decent words to describe people who occupy the first row in college). Boasting or showing off about his achievements is simply beyond this guy. uhmm.. he does show off, about trivial things like the fact that he is a cusp (How can I forget that dialogue...What am I today, a Gemini or a Cancerian?) or his high scores in NBA, FIFA or some such thing. Kudos to this modest super achiever !!

Right now Chilli is in a phase of his life where he believes he is 'The One', the God who is destined for a higher cause. The God who would enlighten the ignorant mortals. Wishing him all the luck on his holy crusade. I hope he lives up to the great Ku Fu Hu proverb 'With great power comes great responsibility'. However, from personal experience I can only advice him that religion and politics are dirty business, one should never get mixed up in them. Even the mighty fall !!

I think his idea of what is trivial is quite different from the rest of us. That probably explains why he is most passionate during discussions on NBA and tam-film trivia.

On a different note, it was Chilli who directed me to this post. Now, does that count as bragging? :p
If tam trivia is no longer trivial for him, why call it trivia?
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